WhyDonateTissue.org is a site created to offer the free download of a video explaining the need for pediatric brain cancer post-mortem tissue donation to any institution who wishes to use it.  Institutions may use the video to educate and advocate for why post-mortem tissue collection is essential to advancing research and improving outcomes for children diagnosed with brain cancer.

Any institution downloading the video is welcome to edit it in any way and include its own institutional branding to serve the purposes of its mission. The video offers the scientific and familial reasons why post-mortem tissue collection is valuable.

The 11 minute video includes:

  • highlights why whole brain donation is important to improving outcomes for pediatric cancer patients
  • highlights why donation is an important consideration for the family who is confronted with the impending loss of a child
  • sounds a call for removing the obstacles that can keep families from choosing to donate their child’s tissue

The proposed audience:

  • anyone who has a role in facilitating a post-mortem brain/spine tissue donation. This includes the child and family, health care professionals and funders.

We wish to thank those who shared their experience and story:

  • Dr. Peter Adamson (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
  • Dr. Stewart Goldman (Lurie Children’s Hospital)
  • Michael Gustafson (pediatric post-mortem donor)
  • Patti Gustafson (Michael’s mom)
  • Dr. Michelle Monje (Stanford Health Care)

This video was produced by SwiftyFoundation

Questions? Email Outreach@SwiftyFoundation.org